Clear A6 Favorite Cookie


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Clear A6 Favorite Cookie
The spicy-smelling gingerbread men cool down on any free surface in the kitchen before they are lovingly decorated. Sticky icing everywhere trying to put the gingerbread house together... that's exactly what a baking day in the run-up to Christmas should look like.
If you want to reflect all of this on your cards, our A6 stampset has everything you need for sugar-sweet Christmas greetings and the 6 images, 10 decoration options and 4 sayings sweeten the wait until the holidays.

Image stamps: 
• gingerbread man 
• gingerbreadhouse 
• 10 decorations (3 eyes, 4 mouths, mustache, bow tie) 
• candy Cane 
• santa Hat 
• cup 
• cupcakes

Sentiment stamps: 
• the sweetest time of the year 
• I´d bake you just the way you are 
• I´d share my favorite cookie with you 
• let´s get cozy
Size: DIN A6

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