Clear A6 Raven about you


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Clear A6 Raven about you
It's a classic: the scarecrow at the edge of the field is supposed to protect the harvest, but cheeky birds like crows, ravens or magpies aren't so easily ripped off! They have long since recognized that this straw person certainly cannot harm them. So they hop happily across the field, pecking a bit here and there and driving the farmer crazy. 
With their funny to annoyed facial expressions, they remind you a bit of our popular seagull gang and cheer up your autumn days at the crafting table :) 
Image stamps in this set:
 • Sunflower 
• Three crows (ravens, magpies) 
• Brooms / witches' brooms 
• Scarecrow 
Sentiment stamps in this set:
• A very special song for you 
• I'm raven about you 
• Keep calm and carrion
Size: DIN A6
Stempel A7 Frisch vom Feld
Stempel A6 Pulliwetter
Stempel A6 Möwen-Gang