Clear A6 Schöne Ostern


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Clear A6 Schöne Ostern
Do you hear that excited beeping and flapping of wings? 

The 6 cute chicken in our German A6 stamp set definitely put you in a good mood and not only make Easter happier and more colourful. With the chick, which sniffs a flower so wonderfully intensively, you can, for example, welcome spring right away and the newly hatched chick is also ideal for a birth card. 

 Image stamps: 
• chick frontal 
• chick upside down in eggshell 
• chick smelling flower 
• chick with bunny ears, palette and brush 
• chick standing in eggshell 
• chick sitting sideways 
• drop shadow 
• two small eggs 
• gg with heart yolk 
• 3 little hearts 

Sentiment stamps:

• Fröhliche 
• Bunte 
• Frohe 
• Schöne 
• Kreative

• Ostern 
• Ostergrüße 
• Eiersuche
Size: DIN A6

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