Clear A6 Traumtänzer


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Clear A6 Traumtänzer
Have you ever made your own dream catcher? 
Decorated it with small, fluffy feathers and pretty colorful beads? Just the idea of ​​it gently swaying back and forth in the summer wind at the window puts us in a good mood right away, doesn't it? 
Our A6 stamp set with its 15 images, the prettily lettered word "dream" and 8 matching text additions will show you what else you can think of as a dreamer. So it fits perfectly for a wedding, an anniversary or the move of dear friends. 
For wonderful dreams and brave dreamers! 

Image stamp: 
• Dream Catcher 
• Hearts 
• 4 beads 
• 2 strings of pearls 
• 6 feathers
• crescent

German sentiment stamps:

• Traum 
• Hallo 
• Tänzer 
• Erfüll Dir einen 
• Hochzeit 
• Haus 
• ist erst der Anfang 
• Ein 
• Paar
Size: DIN A6
Stanze Federn S
Stencil: Boho Pattern
Stempel A6 zur Hochzeit
Stempel A7 Home Sweet Home
Stanze Federn M
Stempel A6 Glückwünsche
Stanze Glückstaler