Clear A6 Weihnachtsmöwen


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Clear A6 Weihnachtsmöwen
The time has finally come, your favorite weird birds are now available in a Christmas edition!
The funny seagulls are also up to mischief at the holidays and are very busy: decorating the Christmas tree, hijacking gifts, wearing funny costumes... holy shit, it's Christmas!

Image stamps:

• Seagull standing with scarf

• Seagull with hat sitting on gifts

• Seagull standing 

• Seagull in Santa Claus costume

• Christmas tree

• Bauble

• Star with hanger

• Fish with hanger

• Halo 

• Antlers 

• Seagull poop

German text stamps:

• Scheiss auf Weihnachtsstress

• Meins! Na gut... für dich!

• Her mit den Geschenken!

Size: DIN A6

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