Pentel Brush Sign Pen Twin Set 30 Colours


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Pentel Brush Sign Pen Twin Set 30 Colours

Lettering fans watch out! 

We tested the Pentel Brush Sign Pen Twin for you, love them and are sure that you will feel the same way. It doesn't matter whether you prefer to design large-format lettering, prefer small, fine lettering or like to combine both in more complex layouts - this pen with its two tips gives you all the options. 

The wide fiber brush tip varies between fine and very broad lines, while the smaller tip varies between very fine and medium lines. So you can combine different sizes in the same colour. Speaking of colour: the Pentel Brush Sign Pen Twin is available in 30 colours - there is something for everybody! 


We recommend using smooth paper so you can enjoy these pens for as long as possible.

Colours included in the set:

•101 Black 

102 Red 

103 Blue 

104 Green 

106 Brown 

107 Orange 

108 Violet 

109 Pink 

110 Sky Blue 

111 Light Green 

112 Light Grey 

113 Ochre 

114 Turquoise 

115 Olive Green 

116 Pale Orange 

117 Steel Blue 

118 Dark Brown 

119 Carmine 

120 Magenta 

122 Yellow 

123 Gold Ochre 

124 Beige 

125 Dark Green 

126 Silver Grey 

127 Raw Umber 

128 Dark Red 

131 Heliotrope 

134 Emerald Green 

135 Coral Pink 

136 Baby Blue