Stanze Double pierced ovals


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Stanze Double pierced ovals
A nice frame around projects always makes the whole thing even more special... particularly when it's such a beautiful and unusual shape as an oval. 
This set creates decorative pierced dots both on the inside of the frame and on the outside, so you can use both variants (positive and negative) with just one die cutting process. The two monstera leaves that come with the set can either be used as decoration for the frame, or in combination with all floral, jungle or plant lover themes. 

 Included in the set: 
• 3 ovals with dotted lines
• monstera leaf small 
• monstera leaf large 

 Number of dies after separating: 

largest oval 12.8cm x 8.5cm 
monstera leaf large ~ 3.6cm x 3.3cm 
monstera leaf small ~ 2.9cm x 2.7cm

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