Stempel A8 Klein aber oho


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Stempel A8 Klein aber oho
Tweet, tweet... well, who is saying 'hello' there?
Even in the cold months you can observe birds in our latitudes, and one in particular stands out: the robin!
This little crowd favorite defies the weather and doesn't head south like many of its peers do, but simply stays here and sings its song to us here in the snow. We find it quite impressive what this little birdie can do! So that he doesn't get too cold, we gave him a scarf in this stamp set.
Not only perfect for hobby ornithologists, but also for anyone you have to tell that they are just like a robin: small, but mighty :)

Image stamps:
• Robin
• Scarf
• Traces/footprints

German sentiments:
• Klein
• aber oho!

Size: DIN A8