Smilespotting -

let's make this world a brighter place!

Have you ever wondered how to make people around you smile and brighten up their days?

Smilespotting is an art-project set up by Christine Drogt (owner of Create A Smile Stamps) to do exactly this: spreading joy and smiles by leaving encouraging messages in public.

Spotting has multiple meanings, including
"to place or position on a particular place"
"to detect or recognize; locate or identify by seeing" **

Smilespotting combines them both: It is about placing messages for others and finding them. 

This interactive art-project is open to everyone around the world who believes more people deserve to find little reasons to smile. You don't have to be an extraordinary artist (although we believe that everyone has more or less hidden creative talents), because everyone has the power to spread happiness and cheer up the lives of others be they friends or strangers.

1) Create small cards/ pieces of art with phrases / quotes / sketches that brighten up someone’s day.
2) Place (spot) those projects anywhere: in cafés, on the train, in the grocery store – everywhere (just make sure you don't injure anyone's property).
3) Take a photo of your spotted piece and post it on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #smilespotting .
4) Using for example a little note on the back of your project or a removable sticker ask the people who spot (!) your project to post a photo of it as well using the same hashtag.

Feel free to alter/ print/ copy the following images for the project. (right-click on the picture, open in new window and safe to your computer)
Hopefully a long list of artist offering freebies will follow soon.