Pigment Decobrush Designer Set


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Pigment Decobrush Designer Set
Luminous colours, opaque on all surfaces and a durable, flexible brush tip? We were stunned as we tried out the Pigment Decobrush acrylic markers by Karin.

Wether you want to do da bright lettering on black paper or a colouration on dark cardstock or foil. These marker got you covered!

Colours included:
Aegean, Antique Pink, Aubergine, Azure, Black, Bright Orange, Burgundy, Canary, Cerise, Cool Aqua, Duck Egg, Egyptian Blue, Fire Red, Grass, Green, Henna, Light Azure, Lilac, Lipstick Red, Magenta Red, Pale Violet, Pink, Plum, Poppy, Red Lilac, Red, Rose Pink, Royal Blue, Sapphire Blue, Sulphur Yellow, True Blue, Turquoise, Violet Blue, Indigo Blue, Orange Red, White

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