Realbrush PRO | MegaBox 72 colors + 3 blenders


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Realbrush PRO | MegaBox 72 colors + 3 blenders
We are delighted to introduce you to:
The Karin Realbrush Pro watercolour markers with real brush tips!
They are great for colouring stamp prints or free watercolour painting and can be easily blended into wonderful colour transitions (on the right paper!).
The colour palette includes 72 bright colours and the colourless blender, with which you can blend optimally. (Alternatively, you can of course also dissolve the colours with water - just like watercolours!)

What is the difference between the Karin Brushmarker Pro and the Realbrush Pro?

1) Thanks to the brush tip made of synthetic fibers, you now get even more precision and control when colouring. It enables delicate work, just like with a real watercolour brush. The flow of paint is always consistent, which means that the somewhat unpredictable medium of “watercolour paint” suddenly isn’t so unpredictable anymore. :)
2) The soft and flexible tip ensures flowing colour transitions and fine details that bring your artwork to life. It applies the colour a little thinner than the Brushmarker Pro, which means you can also "build up" the colour by working in several layers.
3) The tip is robust and also forgives use on rougher watercolour papers: it falls back into its original shape even after pressure has been applied. Perfect for watercolour painting, hand lettering, illustrations and much more. 

If you've ever had water-soluble pens with a brush tip and liked the brush feel, you'll LOVE the Karin Realbrush Pro - at least we're huge fans!


We already have these pens on the Florence watercolour paper and the Talens Mixed Media Paper tested and are thrilled with both results !

Colours included:
Almond 216, Amber 195, Apple 210, Arctic Blue 264, Black 30, Blender, Blush 172, Burgundy 075, Canary 166, Cerise 375, Cinnamon 199, Cocoa213, Cool Aqua 24, Cool Grey 1.160, Cool Grey 2.159, Cool Grey 3.158, Copper Brown 282, Curry 297, Cyan 207, Egyptian Blue 305, Fire Red 092, Gold 283, Grass 253, Henna105, Indigo Blue 169, Lilac 226, Lime Green 71, Lipstic Red 181, Lush Green 228, Magenta 359, Magenta Red 170, Neon Blue, Neon Canary, Neon Green, Neon Light Green, Neon Orange Red, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Red Lilac, Neon Violet Blue, Neon Violet, Neon Yellow Green, Neon Yellow, Neutral Grey 1.133, Neutral Grey 2.132, Neutral Grey 3.131, Ocean Teal 377, Ochre 552, Olive Black 447, Olive Green 281, Orange Red 51, Pale Orange 357, Pale Pink 220, Pale Violet 247, Plum 197, Praline 385, Red 29, Red Lilac 358, Rose Pink 168, Rose Wood 272, Royal Blue 45, Sand Stone 174, Sapphire Blue 189, Sepia74, Sky Blue 621, Soft Peach 1.200, Soft Peach 2.201, Sylphur Yellow 269, Turquoise 654, Violet Blue 688, Warm Grey 2.277, Warm Grey 3.276,

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