Stanze Kleine Worte


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Stanze Kleine Worte
Let's talk about versatility! 
With our "Kleie Worte" set you get pretty die-cut words that are suitable for many occasions. Whether birthday, greetings, thanks, wedding or birth: You will find a matching sentiment in this set. 
Due to the small size, these greetings can easily be placed on your cards, small boxes and gift tags. 
For very small and delicate dies, we love to stick double-sided tape onto the cardstock before cutting. You will get "word stickers", which you can stick in the right place without much effort and smeared glue. 
Dies included:
• danke  
• du  
• Hey  
• Liebe  
• &  
• Alles  
• Gute  
• für  
• zum  
• dich  
• Geburtstag  
• Willkommen  
• Hurra 
Number of dies after separating: 
Size of the set: approx. 11.5 x 5.3cm 
Height of the words: approx. 1 - 1.5cm