Stanze Negative Snowflake


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Product number: SW10395
Stanze Negative Snowflake
Let it snow,... 
When the landscape slowly turns white and you can hear the snow crunching under your feet, it's time for a few snow cards - for Christmas or simply for some wintry greetings. 
This snowflake is a bit different from others: 
it cuts a wonderful pattern of circles of different sizes out of the paper, which is why you don't get a large snowflake piece, but a negative snowflake cut into your paper that you can then add a wonderful colored background to.
You not only get the negative snowflake, but also a circle with a small negative snowflake and the small snowflake itself - 3 wintry motifs with one crank. 
Number of punches: 
⌀ 8.5cm