Stanze Pop-up slider "Party"


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Product number: SW10397
Stanze Pop-up slider "Party"
Interactive cards are lots of fun, but often a bit tricky to put together. 
That's different with the Pop-up slider "Party" - it's assembled in a few simple steps and is great fun. 
If the recipient of your card pulls the small tab, they will hardly believe their eyes when a small scene suddenly develops in front of their eyes. 
 Due to its square shape, you can use it on both square and rectangular cards. We just love versatile products! 
In addition to the pull mechanism, you will also receive a variety of small elements to create fairy lights and co. to design: 
• Triangular banners, foldable 
• Triangluar banners, foldable, with a heart 
• Rectangular banners, foldable 
• Rectangular banners, foldable, with a heart 
• Chinese lantern 
• Chinese lantern hanger 
• Lightbulb 
• Lightbulb thread 
• Stick with wood grain 
• curved line / rope 
• Semicircle with arrow for the tab
Number of dies after separating: 
Set: 4" x 4.7" 
Base panel: 10 x 10cm