Stanze Stars


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Stanze Stars
Sparkling, delicate stars always look pretty and festive and are a wonderful addition to winter and Christmas, but they can also be used for births, anniversaries or birthday parties. How good that our set offers you 39 different shapes and variants in different sizes.
So our basic die with its 15 star frames, a star frame garland and 23 individual stars might even become one of your next must-haves...

Included in this set:
• 5 wonky star frames
• 5 wonky stars (inner workings)
• 5 star frames
• 5 stars (inner workings)
• star garland with 8 connected star frames
• 8 stars (inner workings)
• 5 star frames with rounded corners
• 5 stars (inner workings) with rounded corners

Number of dies after separating:

set-size 14cm x 4cm