Stempel A5 Freude & Jubel


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Product number: SW10028
Stempel A5 Freude & Jubel
There's a reason to celebrate and you want to give away the right card? Then we have something for you here. This full-surface, almost A5-sized German text background stamp consists of strings of miniature words that make a pretty versatile background, but can also be wonderfully used partially or as individual words.
The actual stamp is slightly smaller than DinA5 and measures 5,59" * 8,03". 
 These words are lined up consecutively on the plate: 
• Ehrentag 
• Gesang
• Party
• Feiern
• Jubel
• Glückwunsch
• Freude
• Gratulation
• Fest
• Vergnügen
• Glück
• Spaß
• Geburtstag
• Geschenke
Size: DIN A5

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