Stempel A6 Katzen Tatzen


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Product number: SW12114
Stempel A6 Katzen Tatzen

You would like to make a card for a cat lover? Here are the perfect kitten stamps for you! Color them in the colors of your own furry friends to send a greeting from yourself or make them look like the recipient's cats - for a birthday, moving or simply to send a few kind greetings. 
By the way, they also make wonderful decorations in your cat scrapbook to capture beautiful memories of our cutest family members.

Image stamps:
• cat peeking around the corner
• cats on/in a scratching post
• cat lying on it's back
• ca tin a box
• cat on a book
• small fish bone
• small fish bone (solid)
• Thought bubble with heart
• food bowl
• glasses
• Partyhat
• cat-shaped balloon
• paw print large
• four small pawprints
Size: DIN A6

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