Stempel A6 Klönschnack


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Stempel A6 Klönschnack
Nu aber Budder bei die Fische! Even if the North Germans are said to be known for getting by with just a few words, they are real crackers, as you can see in our 17 dialect sayings of our A6 Low German dialect stampset. If you are looking for a charming regional alternative for greetings and good wishes that will immediately put you in a good mood on your projects, then you are exactly right here as a coast fan.

Sentiment stamps:
• vun Haarten allens gode 
• nich dran fummeln wenn´t löppt 
• dat löppt sich torecht 
• Dag ok! 
• Na denn man Tau! 
• Tüddelkram! 
• Wo geiht di dat? 
• Dank ok! 
• klei mi anne Fööt! 
• Ik Dösbaddel! 
• so´n Schiet! 
• nu aber Budder bei die Fische 
• auf´n Schnack? 
• nich lang schnacken, Kopp in Nacken 
• Moin! 
• To´n Geboortsdag 
• "Moin Moin" is Gesabbel!
Size: DIN A6

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