Stempel A6 More than naps


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Product number: SW10103.1
Stempel A6 More than naps
Did you know that sloths aren't lazy at all, they just like to be comfortable?
Our A6 stampset with its 9 images and 5 texts gives you a little insight into the life and especially the living room of the sloths... and that really looks like a comfortable and very chilled life.

Image stamps: 
• 2 sloths
• sofa
• lamp
• popcorn bowl
• side table
• vase
• picture frame
• macrame wall hanging

Sentiment stamps:
• zzz
• don´t hurry be happy!
• I like you more than naps.
• let´s party like grown-ups do.
• nope not today.
Size: DIN A6

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