Stempel A6 Oh, dam


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Stempel A6 Oh, dam
While the dragonflies hover over the cattails on the river bank on a mild summer day, you hear a soft splashing and rustling in the background... Wonder if one of our beavers is out and dragging gnawed tree trunks and twigs around to continue working on its burrow ? Our A6 stampset "with a bite" with its 8 images and 4 matching sayings will not only spontaneously elicit a smile from you, but will also be a good companion when it comes to compliments, encouragement, new paths or perhaps the next move. 
 Image stamp: 
• Beaver 
• Beaver sitting sideways 
• Beavers swimming 
• Cattails 
• Toothbrush 
• 2 gnawed tree stumps 
• Dragonfly 

Sentiment stamps: 
• Knock on wood 
• I wood love to see you again 
• We moved into a new lodge 
• Oh, dam!

Size: DIN A6
Stencil: Am Fluss
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