Stempel A6 Schlauer Fuchs


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Stempel A6 Schlauer Fuchs

Strawberry milk, cleaning the blackboard, the smell of linoleum floors and the special sound of the school bell... everyone probably has their own memories of their first years at school that are burned into their memory. The school cone and cards for school enrollment are also souvenir that are often kept for a lifetime.

If you want to sweeten the school enrollment for a new schoolchild with a little handmade treat, our "Schlauer Fuchs" stamp set is just the thing for you! With the many different school supplies and the cute foxes, you can create wonderful and personal works. We think: an A+ with a star :)

Image stamps:
• fox with school bag
• paper plane with flight path
• fox with backpack and balloon in hand, rear view
• apple
• abc
• pencil with eraser
• exercise book and fountain pen
• globe
• filled school bag
• blackboard
• chalk
• 1352476
• reading fox at the desk
Size: DIN A6

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