Stencil: Kleine Kleckse


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Product number: SW12270
Stencil: Kleine Kleckse
What's better than one splotch of colour? Four splotches!

For all fans of our Stencil: Splotch  we have something new here. With this stencil you can choose between four small blobs, which are perfect for quickly creating colourful backgrounds. The chaos that would result from spilling paint is eliminated. Plus, you can always choose the right splotch shape for your card and don't have to hope that everything will magically pop into the right shape. Farewell to randomness!

One Stencil - (almost) infinite possibilities!

Regardless of whether you apply with pens, brushes, sponges, cloths or blades. Regardless of whether you use watercolour, acrylic paint, alcohol based colours, structure paste, ink or chalk. Our Stencils are up to the task and versatile like no other tool on your desk.

Combine, design, try it out. There are no limits to your creativity.
Size: 15,2cm x 15,2cm

The perfect combo

Stencil: Splotch
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