Clear A6 Hände Hoch


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Clear A6 Hände Hoch

Hands up! Even if our little bandits look a bit sinister at first glance, they actually only have good things in mind... because they congratulate, give presents or cuddle like crazy!

And if the 5 combative fellows from our German A6 stamp set do go on a scavenger hunt with the help of the 6 items, you can hardly be mad at them in the end, as cute as they look with their blindfolds. But pssst... don't tell them!

Image stamps:

• fox

• dog

• chick

• rabbit

• squirrel

• slingshot

• flashlight

• bag of money

• key ring

• megaphone

• light glow

Sentiment stamps:

• Hände hoch!

• Und Kerzen auspusten!

• Das ist eine Überraschung!

• Los, Umarmen!

• … oder ich piepe!

Size: DIN A6

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