Clear A6 Mitbewohner


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Clear A6 Mitbewohner
"Just this one little thing, then it's really enough for now" - we've probably all said something like that before. Because there are things you just can't get enough of: stamps, pens, paper... but plants are also rarely left alone!
Because we're not only crazy about paper, but also about plants, the number plants here is steadily increasing. If you feel the same and a new floral friend moves in with you regularly, you can now celebrate with us: Hooray, another new roommate!

Image stamps:  
• Barrel with shrub, three flowers and face
• Amphora with succulent and face
• Flowerpot with succulent and face
• Spherical flower pot with thick-leaved plant and face
• Long flower pot with cactus and face with mustache

German Sentiments:
• Wenn das Leben dir einen Korb gibt, stell eine Pflanze rein
• Jeder Topf findet seine Pflanze
• Verrückte Pflanzenlady
• Juhu! Du hast einen neuen Mitbewohner
Size: DIN A6

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