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Clear A7 Niemals

Have you been looking for a long time for a suitable text set to support loved ones, to encourage them, to express your own connection or to apologize for being late? Then you've just found here what you're looking for, because all this (and of course much more) is possible with our German A7 stamp set with its two beautifully lettered words and the 9 associated statements, as well as the 4 subtle background motifs.

And we are sure that you most likely will "never" run out of ideas anymore for what else the set can be used for...

Sentiment stamps:

• niemals

• nie

• ! (Ausrufezeichen)

• Besser spät als 

• Erwachsen werden?

• Sag niemals

• Aufgeben!

• Den Kopf hängen lassen!

• Vergessen : Du bist toll!

• Du bist

• Zu alt.

• Mehr ohne dich

Image stamps:

• arrow border

• curved arrow

• rainbow

• double heart (outline)

Size: DIN A7

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