Stempel A5 Schneemann-Baukasten


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Stempel A5 Schneemann-Baukasten
As a child, who didn't love building a snowman as soon as the first flakes of the year fell? Great fun for everyone! 
But what to do if it just doesn't snow? Of course: Just stamp a snowman.
We have drawn you a large stamp set with which you can stamp an incredible number of snowman combinations. How many do you ask? If you count the different elements in the set, you'll quickly find yourself in the thousands. If I think about it, I'll come up with over a million different snowman combinations. Feel free to do the math :)

Image stamps:
• Snowman body
• Balloon
• Ice hockey sticks
• Ice hockey puck
• Ice skates
• Heart buttons
• Buttons
• Stone buttons
• Vest
• Eyes without eyelashes
• Eyes with eyelashes
• Eye patch
• Eyes with glasses
• Mustache
• Big smiling mouth
• Smiling stones mouth
• Small smiling mouth
• Lantern
• Little bird looking to the left
• Little bird looking to the right
• Broom
• Loop
• Large carrot
• Small carrot
• Carrot with piercing
• Iroquois hairstyle
• Cloche hat with flower
• Pirate hat
• Bobble hat
• Hat
• Antlers
• Stock arms
• Arms with heart gloves
• Arms with hooks
• Arms with mittens
• Stick figure arms
• Scarf
• Rivet collar
• Pearl necklace
• Bow tie
• Collar with tie

Size: DIN A5

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