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Stempel A6 Express delivery
Hurry, because the gifts have to be there in time for Christmas! Put your helmet on, engine on and then: full throttle. With this stamp set, Santa Claus is guaranteed to arrive on his motorbike on time and bring either one of three friends or a pile of presents to the Christmas party. 

This stamp set is also versatile: Who says that only Santa Claus can steer this motorcycle with sidecar? With different colors, a completely different man is sitting on the bike - perfect if the card is addressed at someone who likes to travel on two wheels in his free time.

Motive stamps:
• Santa Claus/man on motorcycle
• Sidecar
• Connector between sidecar and motorcycle
• Pile of gifts
• Snowman
• Bear with helmet and flag
• Reindeer with aviator glasses

 English text stamps: 
• Santa made it just in time
• Silent Night? Not today
• Here comes Santa Claus!
• Express delivery
• Vroooom!

Size: DIN A6
Stencil: Desert
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