Stempel A6 Gans besonders


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Product number: SW10073.2
Stempel A6 Gans besonders
Don't you immediately hear the happy chattering of white geese on a green, lush meadow? And in between the gentle squeaking of the little, freshly hatched goslings?
It doesn't matter whether it's for a birth, Easter, a birthday, or maybe just general good wishes for springtime... with its 7 images and 4 texts, you can definitely create special projects with our funny German A6 (pun) stampset.

Image stamps: 
• 3 geese 
• 2 eggs 
• gosling 
• bow tie

Sentiment stamps: 
• Du bist etwas Gans besonderes
• Ei ei ei was seh ich da?
• Achtung, frisch geschlüpft!
• Gans liebe Geburstagsgrüße
Size: DIN A6

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