Stempel A6 Igelfreunde


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Stempel A6 Igelfreunde
The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are dropping, the leaves on the trees are slowly turning red. Autumn is coming!
Not only fans of autumn are happy, but also all hedgehogs. They frolic through the big piles of leaves in the forest, stock up on the last supplies and look incredibly cute while doing it. We are already looking forward to the cozy season, are you too?

Image stamps:
• Hedgehog lying on its back
• Hedgehog on toadstool
• Hedgehog standing on back paws
• Hedgehog with umbrella
• Hedgehog with scarf
• Hedgehog on all fours
• Apple
• Acorn
• Branch with leaves and berries
• Leaf
• Butterfly
• Tree stump

Size: DIN A6

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