Stempel A6 Otterliebe


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Product number: SW12264
Stempel A6 Otterliebe
There are hardly any predators as cute as otters! Once you have seen an otter couple holding hands (a Google image search is really recommended ) you are simply blown away by the funny animals. After all, an otter couple stays together for their entire life, which makes the loyal animals even more likeable.
With this stamp set you can capture the joy of the cute aquatic animals on paper and simply send it to your loved ones. So go ahead, jump right into it!

Image stamps:
• Otter standing on paws
• Air bubbles
• Swimming otter
• Otter with baby floating on back
• Otter with lifebuoy
• Two otters holding hands
• Otter with heart
• Banner with string attached
Size: DIN A6

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