Stempel A6 Vasen


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Stempel A6 Vasen
Do you already have flowers as a greeting in the hallway on the stairs and of course spread all over the apartment in the open spaces - the window sills, the laid table, the sideboards...?!
If you not only love a bit of nature in the garden and on the balcony, but also like to have it around you in the apartment, then our German A6 stamp set is just right for you. With its 11 images and 2 sayings, you can not only send a (birthday) flower or lucky bamboo on your projects, no, the differently shaped vases cut a good figure even without any filling and can be decorated and used in a variety of ways.

Image stamps:
• 7 vases
• 2 bamboo
• orchid
• cut flowers

Sentiment stamps:
• Du bist einfach wundertoll
• Fröhlich steht Dir gut
Size: DIN A6

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