Stempel A6 Winterliche Grüße


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Product number: SW10150
Stempel A6 Winterliche Grüße
When it's really freezing cold outside, you've made yourself comfortable inside with a hot drink and you've wrapped yourself up really warm, then winter is actually at its best...
With our German A6 stampset with its 2 images and 8 beautifully curved lettering sayings, you can transfer exactly these feelings to your projects and welcome winter.

Image stamps:
• snowflake
• star

Sentiment stamps:
• winterliche Grüße
• brrr kalt
• hallo Winter
• warme Wünsche
• frohes Einkuscheln
• kreative Winterzeit
• Winterpost für dich
• erhol dich gut
Size: DIN A6
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