Stempel A8 You are vintage


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Stempel A8 You are vintage
It is said that over time everything becomes fashionable again. Even though some things are probably best left in the past, there is something to the statement. Vintage fashion, furniture, music... totally trending right now.
But wait a minute... anyone who is perhaps no longer exactly 'with it' and already has a mile or two on the clock is not old, but vintage - and therefore very trendy!
Once you have internalized this statement, you accept the wrinkles on your face, your cracking knee and the recurring birthdays with calm. Because we thought this insight was great, we simply had to make a stamp out of it, along with a matching nostalgic coffee grinder and coffee beans. Simply wonderfully retro... or totally modern?! 

English sentiments:
• You're not old. You are vintage

Image stamps:
• three coffee beans
• old hand-operated coffee grinder
Size: DIN A8

The perfect combo

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