Clear A6 Ta-Daa


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Product number: SW12054.1
Clear A6 Ta-Daa
There are few birds that are as unmistakable as cockatoos with their magnificent crest on their heads. The playful parrots simply spread a good mood, especially when they are excitedly raising their feathers. We are big fans and hope that these cheeky little birds will soon be able to fly onto your cards.

Image stamps:
• Cockatoo looking to the left
• Cockatoo with feathers raised, looking to the right
• Cockatoo with feathers raised on a branch
• Cockatoo with opened wings

German sentiments:
• Frech wie jung du aussiehst
• Hat jemand Party gesagt?
• Ta-daa! Überraschung
• Heute ist dein Tag
• Yeah yeah yeah!
• Du bist toll!
Size: DIN A6

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