Stempel A6 Astro


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Stempel A6 Astro
Are the stars aligned today?
If you often ask yourself this question, this set is just the thing for you:

All twelve zodiac signs as text stamps, along with their Latin name and time period. Ideal for horoscope fans, birthday or birth cards. The German names of the zodiac signs were beautifully lettered by Christine and form a perfect symbiosis with the subtle Latin names and dates. 

A look into the future reveals that this set will probably hop into your shopping cart :)

German sentiments:
• Widder Aries 21.3.-20.4.
• Zwillinge Gemini 22.5.-21.6.
• Löwe Leo 23.7.-23.8.
• Waage Libra 24.9.-23.10.
• Schütze Sagittarius 23.11.-21.12.
• Wassermann Aquarius 21.1.-19.2.
• Stier Taurus 21.4.-21.5.
• Krebs Cancer 22.6.-22.7.
• Jungfrau Virgo 24.8.-23.9.
• Skorpion Scorpio 24.10.-22.11.
• Steinbock Capricornus 22.12.-20.1.
• Fische Pisces 20.2.-20.3.
Size: DIN A6

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