Stempel A7 Spiegelhilfe


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Stempel A7 Spiegelhilfe
Is it a stamp? Is it a tool? 
We say: It's both! 
Our mirror aid is a large, flat photopolymer stamp with which you can mirror your stamped image. From now on, your cute images can finally look at each other - or you can simply change the direction of the image if it doesn't work with the rest of your layout. 

Thats how it works: 

1) Stick the mirror aid as smoothly as possible (with as few air bubbles as possible) onto an acrylic block. (We use our acrylic block in size M) and mount your stamp motif on a separate acrylic block. 
2) Color your stamp with the ink pad of your choice and then press it carefully and straight onto the mirror aid. Make sure that the stamp does not slip. This requires a bit of sensitivity. 
3) Now press the mirror aid onto your paper. Since the paper will stick to the stamp, you can then carefully stroke the back of the paper to really cover the entire area. 
4) Carefully remove the mirror aid from your paper - as I said, it can stick to it relatively strongly, but that doesn't matter :) 

It doesn't work well? here are a few tips: 

1) Brand new stamps sometimes don't accept ink well straight away - this also applies to the mirror aid. It helps to rub the surface with a damp microfiber cloth. Alternatively, you can rub the surface with an eraser. 
2) The ink pad plays a crucial role. It shouldn't be too dry - slow-drying ink makes your life easier. The image stamp must be covered very well! 
3) The pressure with which you press the image onto the mirror aid can make a difference. If you press too hard, the color may be pushed outside the actual lines. 
4) To ensure that the ink does not dry on the image stamp or the mirror aid while mirroring, you should work as quickly as possible. 
5) Please note that an "imprint of the imprint" will of course not be as clear and dark as the actual imprint! 
If you want deep black lines, you can simply trace the lines with fineliners, for example in the Copic Multiliner Set. several stitch sizes so that you have the right pen for every part of the motif.
Size: DIN A7

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